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UCTalent leverages cutting-edge AI,  smart contract on blockchain for referral reward, and a user-owned approach to revolutionize hiring for businesses and empower talent to shape their careers.
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Own Your Career & Earn in Web3.
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A quick setup & effective job matching mechanism to earn a job of your dream!

1. Unlock Worthwhile Opportunities

Discover a diverse range of high-quality job openings from leading web3 companies across various industries.

2. Own Your Network, Earn Rewards

Recommend skilled professionals you know or apply yourself and get rewarded for your network through secure and transparent smart contracts.

3. Build Your Reputation

Showcase your skills and experience to a targeted pool of potential employers actively seeking web3 talent.

4. Be Part of the Future

Join a thriving web3 community and shape the future of talent acquisition together.
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Tap into the Power of Web3

UCTalent's innovative referral program, built on secure smart contracts, fosters a culture of shared ownership and incentivizes your network to find the perfect talent for your team.
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Transparency & Security

Our secure blockchain platform ensures data privacy, fosters trust throughout the recruitment process, and provides verifiable results through immutable smart contracts.
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Attract Top Performers

Showcase your employer brand to a wider pool of qualified professionals actively seeking new opportunities within the web3 space.
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Reduce Time-to-Hire

Our efficient referral system and streamlined recruitment process get you from open position to top talent faster than ever before.
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Post jobs with ease

We make it easy for you to post job listings and receive talent's applications within minutes, so you can focus on more important tasks.
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Connect with top talents

We have a curated list of top talents from around the world, so you can find and hire them quickly via a matching mechanism.
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Save time, get the best results

Our proprietary AI-driven algorithm helps you save time by quickly scanning through all resumes and shortlisting only the candidates that best fit your requirements.
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