How to earn a UCTalent token

UCTalent is a Web3 professional networking platform that allows users to earn tokens for their contributions. There are a number of ways to earn UCTalent tokens, both before and after the mainnet release.

Before Mainnet

  • UCTalent Pioneer Program (UPP): The UPP is designed to help users stick with the UCTalent platform and contribute to its growth. UPP participants can earn reward points by completing tasks such as creating a profile, applying for jobs, and referring other talents to the platform. These reward points can then be converted into UCTalent tokens after the mainnet release.

After Mainnet

  • UPP: UPP participants can continue to earn reward points and convert them into UCTalent tokens after the mainnet release.
  • Staking UCTalent tokens: Users can stake UCTalent tokens on the UCTalent Treasury to earn more tokens.
  • Applying for jobs and getting offers: Users who apply for jobs and receive offers through the UCTalent platform can earn UCTalent tokens.
  • Referring other talents: Users can earn UCTalent tokens by referring other talents to job positions on the UCTalent platform.
  • Allowing direct connect through the platform: Users can earn UCTalent tokens by allowing direct connection through the platform.
  • Offering career-development related services: Users can earn UCTalent tokens by offering related services on the UCTalent platform.

Benefits of earning UCTalent tokens

UCTalent tokens have a number of benefits, including:

  • Governance rights: UCTalent token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the UCTalent platform. This includes voting on proposals and making decisions about the future of the platform.
  • Discounts on fees: UCTalent token holders can receive discounts on fees on the UCTalent platform.
  • Access to premium features: UCTalent token holders can access premium features on the UCTalent platform, such as early access to new features and exclusive job listings.

How to get started with earning UCTalent tokens

To get started with earning UCTalent tokens, you can create a profile on the UCTalent platform and start participating in the UPP. You would also start staking UCTalent tokens, applying for jobs, referring other talents, and offering related services very soon.


Earning UCTalent tokens is a great way to support the UCTalent platform and to gain access to a number of benefits, including governance rights, discounts on fees, and access to premium features.